[MAINTENANCE] Emergency Maintenance Completed(2-23 06:10)

Thank you for playing Iruna Online.

The emergency maintenance that started on Monday, February 23rd at 1:20 am (PST) has been completed.

We may perform an emergency maintenance to establish a stable connection.

We will announce when the emergency maintenance is performed.

- Bug Fix -

- Failed to connect to the game server.

- About Compensation -

We are planning compensation for certain time-limited items used before the maintenance.

The details of compensation will be announced later in our official website.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Iruna Team

[BUGS] Connection Failure(2-23 05:30)

Thank you for playing Iruna Online.

We have confirmed a malfunction in the server equipment, so the ending time of the maintenance is not yet determined.

We are currently investigating the cause of this issue.

Please know this issue has our full attention and we continue to work to get it resolved as quickly as we can.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused.

We will announce as the situation develops.

Iruna Team

[EVENTS] February 22nd is "Cat Day" in Japan(2-21 07:00)

Thank you for playing Iruna Online.

We would like to announce that "Cat Day Event" will be held on February 22nd (JST).

- Event Information -

- Cat Day Event is held!

From: Saturday, February 21st 7:00 am (PST)
Until: Sunday, February 22nd at 6:59 am (PST)

February 22nd was designated as "Cat Day" because the pronunciation of "2" is similar to "Meow" in Japanese.

So, additional buffs will be applied to "Cat Set", "Black Cat Set" and "White Cat Set" in the period above.

- Additional Buffs -

- EXP gain +22% during the period.

- Additional attack by attack when you equip it on "Additional Gears".

*EXP gain +22% will be in effect even if you equip it on Accessories.
*The additional buffs will be in effect even if you strengthen "Cat Set", "Black Cat Set" and "White Cat Set".

- Check the Cat Sets! -

- "Cat Set"

- "Black Cat Set"

- "White Cat Set"

We hope you can enjoy this event!

Iruna Team

[OTHERS] Limited-Time Offer "Iruna Bag"(2-19 05:30)

Thank you for playing iruna Online.

We would like to announce that "Iruna Bag" is added in the Item Shop for a limited time.

- Item Shop Information -

- Limited until 2/28/2015 at 6:59 am (PST) -

- "Iruna Bag" -

You may win "Spirid Needle", "Veltria's Book" and other high-class items from this bag!
Also, "Dispel Card" is 100% guaranteed!

There are 5 types of items in Iruna Bag.

You will get "1 item" from each category below at random, so you can get "5 items" in total.

Category No.1: High-class Items A
Venia's Book (Set of 4)
Shance's Book (Set of 4)

Category No.2: High-class Items B
Spirit Needle (Single item)
Veltria's Book (Single item)
Sofys' Book (Single item)
M. Sauro's Book (Set of 2)

Category No.3: Stats Boosting Items

Category No.4: Hairstyles Hair Dyes

Category No.5: Dispel Card

Check out the item Shop and get super-rare items!

Iruna Team

[UPDATE] Update Information (2.6.4E)(2-18 03:40)

The app update has been successfully completed.

The latest version of the application is "2.6.4E".

Please download version "2.6.4E" from "Google Play".

- Update Details -

- Mission [God's Fragments and the Ancient Dragon] has been added.
- Field Map will be added.
- Dungeon Map will be added.
- City Map will be added.

- Suspension of App Downloads -

Iruna Online application downloads for "Thailand" has been temporarily closed due to the issue concerning user accounts.

We will announce on the news when it's recovered.

We deeply apologize for this inconvenience caused, and appreciate for your cooperation.

- Bug Fix -

- Fixed the failure text message for refinement at blacksmiths.

- Fixed the text message for synthesizing medicine while your bag is full.

- Event Information -

- Valentine's Day Event is held!

From: After the scheduled maintenance on Thursday, February 12th
Until: Before the scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, February 24th

You can go to the event venue by talking to "GM Neints" in Rokoko City.

Please complete "Passionate Chocolate" added in 2014 to accept new event quests from NPC "Michal".

The number of the boss monsters you defeat in "Valentine's Venue" and "Valentine Dungeon Map" is counted up.

You defeated "1,683,134 bosses" as of Wednesday, February 18th at 1:00 am (PST), so we will give you one time free per day privilege worth "7 days".

- Valentine Event Quests have been added in Rokoko City, Wibo City and Witch Hunter Woods.

- Item Shop Information -

"Tale Box" is back in the Item Shop for a limited time!

- Costume Box: "Tale Box"

You may win the costume set that includes all of the costume in the box!

- Limited until 2/25/2015 at 6:59 am (PST) -

- "Valentine Pack"

- Limited until 2/18/2015 at 6:59 am (PST) -

- Additional Gear: "Replica Gauntlet"

Don't miss this chance and check them out in the Item Shop!

- Bug Reports -

We have confirmed the issue that some players' character data doesn't correspond with their accounts.

If you find that something is wrong with the character data in your account, please contact us immediately via the inquiry form in our official website.

Also, please keep the current state of the account to prevent other bugs.

- The story doesn't go on to the next in the mission "Souls of the Soulless" even if you defeat the boss "Ushilth".

If you have already defeated "Ushilth" and mission has stalled, please go back to "3rd Palace: Forecourt".

- When you change a character's face, and then create a new character and login, the face will be applied to the new character.

It will be fixed by changing equipment and re-login.

- Crops are not displayed for planters in Invitation Mode.

- Some seeds produce unintended harvests under certain conditions.

We are investigating the causes of these issues, so please be patient until they are fixed.

- Reinstalling App from "Google Play" -

It may take time to download the new app from "Google Play" if the devices have updated "Google Play".

If the new app is not updated, please check "Google Play" later.

If the new app is not still updated after a while, please try uninstall and reinstall the app.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Iruna Team

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