[OTHERS] New Feature: "Monster's Lost Article"(1-20 03:55)

Thank you for playing Iruna Online.

We would like to introduce a new feature "Monster's Lost Article" that has been added in the latest update.

When you defeat monsters, they may drop an item or buff to enhance your stats..

- Monster's Lost Article -

When you defeat monsters, a shining point may appear on the map.

It will be also shown on the minimap at the bottom right of the screen..

If you tap the shining point, you can get an item or a buff to enhance your stats.

The buff will be shown as "Special Support" when you open MENU..

*If a lost article is left on the map, you cannot get another lost article until you pick up the lost article shown in the map.
*Lost articles will not appear in Party Field and private fields in which you cannot see other players.
*If you are in a party, you may find a lost article only when you defeat monsters.
*Lost articles are available and visible to only a player who has defeated the monster.
*Lost articles will disappear when you are too far away from the shining point or when you move to another map.

Iruna Team

[OTHERS] New Function: "Stall"(1-20 03:55)

Thank you for playing Iruna Online.

We would like to introduce the new function "Stall" implemented in the latest update.

- How to Sell Items in Stall -

- How to Put Items in Stall -

- Assign NPCs to Use Stall -

You need to purchase a "Contract" in the Item Shop to assign a Stall NPC on your island.
Once you purchase a contract, you can use the Stall NPC any number of times.

Please set the NPC on your island as an isle object.

*You cannot purchase multiple contracts of the same character.

- Stall NPCs -

When you tap a Stall NPC while the target ring is shown, the following dialogues will show up.

"Edit Shelf"
"Edit Message"

Tap "Edit Shelf" to change the items to sell.

- How to Put Items in Shelf at Stall -

Tap the empty item slot in a Shelf, and tap "Edit" at the bottom right of the screen to show the settings for the item that you want to sell.

Tap "Change Item" or "Select an item" to show your item list. Please select an item from the list.

Tap "Change Price" or "Set a price" to enter the selling price.

*The limit of the selling price is "100 Million Spinas".

Tap "Confirm" and the item will be put in the Shelf.

If you want to sell another item, please repeat the same steps above.

If you want to change the settings of a selling item, please tap the item name and tap "Collect" at the bottom right of the screen to change the settings.

*You cannot sell equipped items, locked items, and "Trade X" items.
*You can sell up to 10 types of items per Shelf.

*If you assign multiple Stall NPCs on your island, you can use multiple Shelves.

- How to Start Selling Items -

If you have finished putting items in Shelf, tap "Back" and close the Stall screen.

Tap Island Menu > Settings > Isle Settings and apply Invitation Mode.

If you go back to the main story of Iruna Online or move to other player's island, Stall will be open.

*We have acquiring and updating your stall advertisement information at regular intervals.
There may be a lag in showing the latest advertisement depending on the time.
If the advertisement is not updated correctly, please check the advertisement after a few minutes.

- How to Collect Spinas -

If your items are sold, you can get Spinas by tapping "Collect" in the Stall screen.

*The limit of the Spinas that Stall can hold is "1 Billion Spinas".
*If your current Spinas and Stall sales reach "2 Billion Spinas" in total, you cannot collect Spinas from Stall.

- How to Cancel Selling Items -

Tap "Edit Shelf" in the Stall screen.

Tap the item you want to cancel selling.

Tap "Collect" at the bottom right of the screen to cancel.

- Message Settings -

You can change the messages that Stall NPCs say.

Choose the situation from "Welcome", "Purchased" or "None Purchased" by tapping the arrows.

Tap the message box and enter the message.

If you finish entering the message, tap "Confirm".

You can enter up to 80 letters.

*The messages will be shared by Stall NPCs.

- How to Buy Items at Stall -

- Purchase Items from Stall NPCs -

Approach a Stall NPC on other player's island and tap the NPC while the target ring is shown.

"Welcome" message will be shown and tap "Next" to show the items in Shelf.

If there are no items you can purchase, "None Purchased" message will be shown and the Stall will be closed.

Tap the item you want to purchase.

Tap "Buy" button on the bottom right of the screen.

- Buying Items -

The item you want to purchase will show up, so tap "+" or "-" and select the number of the item.

Tap "Buy" to complete the purchase.

*You cannot buy items if your bag is full.

- How to Check Stall -

There are two ways to check Stall.

1. General Store in the main story > Tap "Check the classifieds".

2. Tap MENU > Log Out > To Island > Find Stall.

- Stall List -

You can sort the Stalls by newest first.

Also, you can show only "Friend's Stall".

Up to 20 Stalls will be shown in a page.

Tap "Check Item(s)" to check the details of a Stall.

Only the items on the island set as the first island for visitors will be shown.

If there is no Stall NPCs on the first island, "There are no goods." dialogue will show up.

*You can update the list by tapping "Update" button.
*You can show the specified page by "Select Page".

- Stall Details -

Tap "Check Item(s)" to check the details of Stall.

The item names, prices and the number of items will be shown.

Tap "Go to Isle" to move to the island on which the Stall is placed.

*Password Enter Screen will show up if a password is set on the island.

Iruna Team

[OTHERS] Open 10 boxes and get Santa Costume!(1-19 09:00)

*Tap the image and jump to the Item Shop.

- Campaign Gift -

- Santa Costume

*"Santa Costume" will be gifted to you by tapping "Open 10 boxes" button.
*Even if you tap "Open a box" 10 times, you cannot get "Santa Costume".
Please tap "Open 10 boxes" to get these items.

- Campaign Period -
From: January 19th at 0:00 am (PST/GMT-8)
Until: January 21st at 23:59 pm (PST/GMT-8)

*"Heavenly Box" will be removed from the Item Shop on January 21st at 23:59 pm (PST/GMT-8).

Don't miss this chance to get the costumes!

Check the Item Shop!

Iruna Team

[MAINTENANCE] Maintenance Extension Notice(1-19 05:40)

Thank you for playing Iruna Online.

The next scheduled maintenance on January 19th will be extended for 3 hours.

- Schedule -

From: January 19th at 10:00 pm (PST/GMt-8)
Until: January 20th at 2:00 am (PST/GMT-8)

- Maintenance Details -

- Inspection and maintenance of server equipment
- Suspension of features on the Item Shop site due to the maintenance

*During the maintenance, all functions in the Item Shop will be unavailable.

- Event Information -

- New Year Event is held!

From: December 31st at 7:00 am (PST/GMT-8)
Until: Before the scheduled maintenance on February 2nd

You will move to the event venue by talking to "Neints" in Rokoko City.

- Added a new year quest in Rokoko City.

Special effect is added to "Kagamimochi Hat" by equipping it on Addtional Gear or Accessories during the event period.

The recovery amount of "Osechi" is boosted during the eve

- How to Take Screenshots -

We made an adjustment to the function of "Back" button from ver. 3.0.7E.

You can take screenshots by changing the back key setting in game with the following steps.

MENU > Settings > System > Other > [Back Key Setting] "OFF"

*Please note that the update details and maintenance schedule may be changed.
We cannot answer questions about the details of the updates.

*Please Log out of the game before the maintenance begins.
If you are still playing when maintenance begins, the items you obtained may not be saved properly.
For the items that are in effect, the effects may run out during maintenance if you use them before maintenance.

Iruna Team

[OTHERS] Open 10 boxes and get Ignition Recovery!!(1-19 03:00)

*Tap the image and jump to the Item Shop.

If you "Open 10 boxes" in "Treasure Box 380", you may get "Ignition Recovery"!

One of the following sets of "Ignition Recovery" will be gifted!

"Ignition Recovery (Single item)"
"Ignition Recovery (Set of 2)"
"Ignition Recovery (Set of 3)"
"Ignition Recovery (Set of 4)"
"Ignition Recovery (Set of 5)"
"Ignition Recovery (Set of 50)"

*Even if you "Open a box" 10 times, you cannot get "Ignition Recovery".
Please select "Open 10 boxes" to get the item.

- Ignition Recovery -

- Ignition Recovery

This item fully recovers ignition time!
- Campaign Period -
From: January 19th at 0:00 am (PST/GMT-8)
Until: January 23rd at 23:59 pm (PST/GMT-8)

*The schedule is subject to change.
*You may get the same items by opening the box.

Don't miss this chance to get the item!

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