Updated Information

Only the server programs and resource have been updated.

- Update Details -
- Added a new difficulty to Boss "Fire Dragon Blaiard" in Scorched Tunnels.

- Some maps have been greatly refined! -
Some map graphics will be reborn with great beauty than ever before.

We have greatly refined the graphics of some maps, allowing you to enjoy your adventure through the world of Iruna like you never have before.

- Maps refined for high resolution -
- Scorched Tunnels

- Others -
- Info on special events & campaigns!
- Notice of Temporary Maintenance
- Concerning Limited Function of the Main Menu
- About Resets When Uninstalling the App
- Secure Your Account

- Installing App from "Google Play" -
Please try the following steps if update is required again after updating the app.

1. Reboot your Android device
2. Tap Settings > Apps > Google Play Store

*Please change the device settings at your own responsibility.
*Please ask the manufacturer about how to control the device.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Iruna Team