Secure Your Account

"Google ID" and "Password" are Google credentials and personal information which can be accessed by the account owner only.

Recently, we have been receiving many reports that users are exchanging their personal information via the in game chat or mail.

This action will lead to misuse of your account, stealing game data, and may lead to criminal cases.

DO NOT give your personal information to anyone for any reason. This is prohibited and against our policy.
Both accounts which disclose and receive the disclosed credentials info are subject to penalty.

This is our penalty policy:
*Transferring Accounts to Others
Transferring Iruna Online game account with exchange to virtual items and virtual currencies of Iruna Online or other online games.
Transferring Iruna Online game account with exchange to goods, money, personal information, or other information.
Transferring Iruna Online game account to others neither paid or for free of charge.
*Statements that promote account transfers are included.
[Restriction] Penalty level 4 applies for the first time. *Other penalties may be applied as well.

We at Iruna Team are unable to support any issue and will not guarantee the security of any account that has been transferred from player to another.

***Be careful with these offers!!

- "Sell Coin", "Sell GPC/iTunes gift card", "Free Coin", "Sell hack", "Sell account" etc. and asking your Google ID/Password
- "Extract service", "Leveling service" etc. and asking your Google ID/Password
- "I am GM, give you some advantages, so give me your Google ID/Password"

***In order to secure your account, please follow these rules.

- Do not attempt to buy, sell, or trade your account with other players.
- Never reveal details associated with your account, and don't accept other's even if you think they are your close friends.
- Do not try buying Coins, Spinas or any game items from external websites.
- Do not log into someone's device with your Google ID.
- Be aware of the Fake GM, Iruna staffs are never involved to the users in the game and never ask for any personal information.
- Do not accept any offers or approaches such as quick or easy methods that will let you skip through the game.

We ask our players to be aware not to violate or be involved in any actions that will lead to violations of the terms of use.
We will apply restrictions as we see fit for the account violated our terms and try our best to create a safer, more fun environment for every players to play.

NOTE: We cannot answer the detail of suspensions or detail information above. This is to prevent the users who trying to find out our investigation method and avoid from the penalties.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Iruna Team