Updated Information

Only the server programs and resource have been updated.

- Balance Update -
- For the skill "Faith", we added a boost to all stats and heal recovery as continuous effects for servents.
- For the skill "Fear Howl", we added a boost to ATK and MATK for enemies with status ailment Fear to the continuous effect "Vitalized".
- For the skill "Wraith Study", we added a boost to normal attack and the power of Cemetery depending on how full the "Soul Energy" gauge is.
- For those learning the skill "Elemental Rise", the continuous effect "[Element] Activate" will be activated based on the element when you have used each Lv of Origin.
- For the skill "Pious Surge", we have added an effect where magic damage and recovery reflects the "Punish" gauge.

Other jobs will also be adjusted in the future. Please stay tuned for more updates.

- Update Details -
- Strengthening Equipment has been added.
- Creating Equipment has been added.

- Other Update -
- Enemy EXP UP Campaign has ended.

- Others -
- Info on special events & campaigns!
- Notice of Temporary Maintenance
- Concerning Limited Function of the Main Menu
- About Resets When Uninstalling the App
- Secure Your Account

- Installing App from "Google Play" -
Please try the following steps if update is required again after updating the app.

1. Reboot your Android device
2. Tap Settings > Apps > Google Play Store

*Please change the device settings at your own responsibility.
*Please ask the manufacturer about how to control the device.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Iruna Team