Maintenance Notice

Thank you for playing Iruna Online.

Scheduled Maintenance on Wednesday, February 23rd will be held at the following time.

- Maintenance Schedule -
From: February 23rd, 2021 at 10:00 PM (PST/GMT-8).
Until: February 24th, 2021 at 2:00 AM (PST/GMT-8).

- Maintenance Details -
- Inspection and maintenance of server equipment.
- Shop Maintenance.

*During the maintenance, all functions in the Item Shop will be unavailable.

- Update Details -
- Strengthening Equipment will be added.
- Creating Equipment will be added.
- Hinamatsuri Event will be held!
All female Characters gain +100% on EXP!
- Valentine's Day Event will be ended.
- Cat Day Event will be ended.

- Others -
- Info on special events & campaigns!
- Notice of Temporary Maintenance
- Concerning Limited Function of the Main Menu
- About Resets When Uninstalling the App
- Secure Your Account

*Please note that the update details and maintenance schedule may be changed.
We cannot answer questions about the details of the updates.

*Please Log out of the game before the maintenance begins.
If you are still playing when maintenance begins, the items you obtained may not be saved properly.
For the items that are in effect, the effects may run out during maintenance if you use them before maintenance.

Iruna Team