Updated Information (5.6.2E)

The App update has been successfully completed.

The latest version of the application is "5.6.2E".

Please download version "5.6.2E" from "Google Play".

- Update Details -
- Mission:"Queen of the Fortress" has been added.
- New Town Map has been added.
- Setsubun Event is held!

From: After the maintenance on January 26th
Until: Before the maintenance on February 9th

You can go to the event venue by talking to "Neints" in Rokoko City.

The heal amount of "Lucky Bean" will increase during the event period.

If you meet certain conditions, you can fight boss monsters in the event venue.

If you chat "Devils Out! Good Luck In!" or "Goblins Out! Fortune In!", "Drop rate +5% for 30 minutes" will be applied.

- New Year Event has ended.

- Others -
- Info on special events & campaigns!
- Notice of Temporary Maintenance
- Concerning Limited Function of the Main Menu
- About Resets When Uninstalling the App
- Secure Your Account

- Installing App from "Google Play" -
Please try the following steps if update is required again after updating the app.

1. Reboot your Android device
2. Tap Settings > Apps > Google Play Store

*Please change the device settings at your own responsibility.
*Please ask the manufacturer about how to control the device.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Iruna Team