The Shinigami costume is here for only 7 days!

Two other costume boxes are also here for only 7 days!

- Sales Period -
From: 2/11/2024 14:00 JST.
Until: 2/18/2024 13:59 JST.

*The image is only for reference and may differ from the actual item.
*When making a purchase from the costume box, you will receive 1 item from the box at random.
*Please check the lineup on the purchasing screen for details about each item.
*Please note that you may get duplicates when drawing.
*This sale is planned to send on 2/18/2024 13:59 JST.

- About item shop images -
If your device's image cache has not been updated, older images may be displayed.

- When you tap the costume box banner, the product is different from the banner you transitioned from.
- When you tap the first-time sale banner, the product is not on sale.

If you encounter the problems listed above, the most recent images can be loaded by reinstalling the app.

Please be aware of data that may be reset by reinstalling. We recommend taking screenshots of your Set Phrases.

- About Resets When Uninstalling the App

Please check the announcement before making your purchase.