Notation for the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Provider of product



2-36-1 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0014 JAPAN


Please contact us from our contact page (
We will notify you of our phone number by e-mail upon request without delay. Please contact us from the page above if you require our phone number.

Operation supervisor

President Katsunori Kondo

Please go to Contact Us for questions on the game or regarding fees.

Our service

Provider of software for mobile phone devices and other digital contents

Payment method (All Taxes Included)

Monthly fixed payments:
The price will be displayed on the screen when you purchase.

Credit cards:
The price will be displayed on the screen when you purchase.

Fees needed except for product purchases

Packet communication fees

Paying methods, dates

Based on the terms of each provider companies payment methods

Delivery dates

The moment of subscription

Refunds, exchanges

Due to the nature of digital contents, there will be no refunds or exchanges

Defect liability

Due to the application of laws and regulations and other reasons, if ASOBIMO takes responsibility to customers as a result of negligence (Does not include intentional or gross negligence occasions), the limit of the amount of compensation for damage will be the total amount of information that was bought of our products for the latest month.