What is an Online Game?

"Iruna Online" is an example of an Online multi-player game.
You can enjoy yourself by communicating with others playing the same game.
The Online Game is a fantasy world, however each Character is controlled by another human being.
Although online games are based in virtual worlds, characters are played by actual individuals.
For that reason, unlike games played alone, it is imperative to take others feelings into consideration and to play with respect and good manners.
Some statements and actions may be offensive or uncomfortable to others which may lead to some problems.
Inappropriate actions such as slander, abuse, infringing copyrights and portrait rights, spreading or sending obscene contents, soliciting, and sales actions of services that are not related to the game are prohibited.
In the case of letting a third party use your mobile device, you are at risk for items being used, or having membership information changed.
In order for all users to enjoy this Online Game, please review the following game manners and guideline and enjoy "Iruna Online."

About Harrassment

Offensive statements or the act of following players around despite other players' aversion will be considered harassment and may be subject to punishment.

About In-Game Chat and Harmful Comments

The In-Game Chat is viewed by many players.
Statements that can be offensive or uncomfortable to other players may be subject to punishment.
When speaking in the chat, please be careful not to discomfort other players.
Please cooperate with other players.
There are many players who are beginners, those who are not used to the game.
If you are asked a question by a player in need, please try to help to the best of your abilities and keep the game an enjoyable environment.

About Mobile Device Management

Keep your mobile device secured.
Do not give away your password even to close friends.
When asked about your mobile devices password, there is a possibility that it will be used for fraudulent activity.

Never share your password with other players in the game.

Our company's Game Masters (GM) will never ask customers for personal information in the game.
By lending phones and giving out passwords, there is a risk of getting into problems like "deletion of your character" or "items disappearing".
Therefore, please secure your mobile device and game-related passwords.
Do not lend or share your mobile device with others.
Third party use or sharing of your mobile device is fraudulent access and is subject to penalty.
We cannot compensate for any losses or problems that occur by sharing your device or providing your password to others.
Please change your password on a regular basis.
By setting your password to something predictable, such as "abcdef" or "11111", you are at risk of having it stolen.
If you have a password that is easy to predict, please reset your password and change your password periodically for your security.

Links and Fan Websites

Links to fan sites and others can be modified as illegal sites. Addresses provided by players that seem fraudful may also lead to illegal sites as well.
We cannot compensate for any losses or problems that may occur by accessing illegal sites.

Health Warnings

Enjoy playing, but be careful to take your health into consideration.

1. When playing, make sure to have the lights on, and keep distance between you and the screen.
A very small percentage of individuals may experience temporary symptoms such as muscle convulsions or loss of consciousness when exposed to strong light patterns.
If you have perviously experienced the symptoms above, consult a doctor beforehand.
2. Rest 15 minutes for every 1 hour of game play to prevent health issues.
3. Refrain from playing the game when you are exhausted or lacking sleep.
4. Stop playing immediately when you experience the following symptoms: Dizziness, Nausea, Fatigue, Motion sickness or any other abnormal symptoms.
5. If you continue to have any of these symptoms or other discomfort even after stopping, please consult a doctor.
6. Quit the game immediately if you experience any discomfort or pain in your eyes, ears, hands, arms, or other parts of your body.

The manners online are the same as the manners you follow in everyday life.
For everyone to enjoy playing, please follow the rules above and keep your phone and password secure as possible.