The Iruna Bag Eilena with Fairy King Silk is here!

Limited to 1 purchase for 1,980 Coins!

One is available for purchase per account for 1,980 Coins.

This is a special lucky bag where you can get an item for adding slots.

- Get one guaranteed! -

- "Fairy King Silk", "Smith's Hammer"

- "Spirit Needle", "Fairy Silk"

- Fairy King Silk : Places 2 slot in equipped Additional.
- Smith's Hammer : Places 1 slot in equipped Weapon.
- Spirit Needle : Places 1 slot in equipped Armor.
- Fairy Silk : Places 1 slot in equipped Additional.

Category No.1: Top level item
Category No.2: EXP Gain
Category No.3: Drop Rate
Category No.4: Status Boost
Category No.5: Hair Color
Category No.6: Dispel Card

- Sales Period -
From: 11/20/2023 14:00 JST.
Until: 11/25/2023 13:59 JST.

Don't miss this chance!