Only 24 hrs! The Tsuchinoko Break raid battle is here!

Tsuchinoko Break

- What is the "Tsuchinoko Break" raid battle? -
How to Join 1

A "Tsuchinoko" is considered to be an unidentified mysterious animal, or a cryptid, in Japan.

In Japan, it is still known to be an illusive creature, and in some areas, there is even a reward for finding one.

As one of the kanji characters for "Friday" is used in the kanji characters for the creature "Tsuchinoko", we will hold the special Tsuchinoko raid battle on Fridays.

The Tsuchinoko will appear every Friday from 0:00 to 23:59 (JST) for only 24 hours.

Defeat the boss monster "Tsuchinoko King" for a chance to get the "â–²Tsuchinoko King" Al Crysta and the "Tsuchinoko King Egg" that hatches a pet that you can raise on your Island.

- How to Join -
How to Join 2
During the event, you can challenge the raid battle as a guild or group from NPC "Alen" in Rokoko City.

- Obtainable Items -

- Pet "Tsuchinoko King Egg" -
Tsuchinoko King will come out from it. Let's hatch it on the island!

- Al Crysta "â–²Tsuchinoko King" -
Delay-0.5 sec MaxHP&MP+5% ATK&MATK+5%
All stats +5, Melee&Magic R +5%

- Starting Date -
Friday from 0:00 to 23:59 (JST) for only 24 hours.

The event is on every Friday, so feel free to join!