Open 10 box 1500 Coins up to 1x! Ephemeral on Sale!

"Open 10 box" 1500 Coins up to 1x!

- Campaign period -
From: 11/24/2022 14:00 JST.
Until: 11/26/2022 13:59 JST.

*If you have 10 or more Box Tickets, "One Time Discount" will not appear on "Open 10 boxes" button.
Please note that this campaign will be applied only when you don't have Box Tickets.
*Box Tickets will be preferentially consumed if you have 10 or more Box Tickets even if you have enough Coins to purchase "Open boxes".
*The image is only for reference and may differ from the actual item.
*When making a purchase from the costume box, you will receive 1 item from the box at random.
*Please check the lineup on the purchasing screen for details about each item.
*Please note that you may get duplicates when drawing.
*This sale is planned to send on 11/26/2022 13:59 JST.

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