[OTHERS] About Island and Pet

Thank you for playing Iruna Online.

We would like to explain about "Island" and "Pet" systems implemented after today's maintenance.

▼About Island System

You can go to your Island from Menu > Log Out > To Island after logging in Iruna Online.

*It may take time to load your Island for the first time, but please be patient until the menu for Island comes up.

In your Island, you can set Island Objects that can be obtained from monsters or Item Shop.

*If you are disconnected while you are accessing to Island, the screen may go back to main Iruna Online.

▼About Pet System

・Stray pets will visit your island.
・You can have up to 3 pets.
・In main Iruna Online, you can use shortcuts for pets:"Summon Pet", "Summon Next Pet" and "Change Pet Tactics".

*The Coin items for pets such as Pet Food, Change Size, Supplements, Cans and Eggs are not implemented.

▼About Stray Pets

Stray pets will leave your island under the conditions below.

・Have stray pets visit your Island meeting the conditions of Island Objects.
・Feed the pet and raise Affinity to have the pet stay in your Island.
・Put the Island Objects away and make stray pets keep away from your Island. Also, the staying pet will not visit.

▼When You Feed Pets

We've added the function to feed stray pets in your Island.

・You can feed stray pets one time per day. The date will be changed at 7:00 am (PST).
・Affinity will raise if you feed the pets.
・If you raise Affinity of the pets, they will visit your Island from next time you login.
・You can get the stray pets as yours if you raise their Affinity.
siting your Island.

*The stray pets will NOT become yours only by visiting your Island.
*If you raise a stray pet's Affinity, other stray pets will never visit your Island.
You can invite other stray pets by lowering Affinity.

Iruna Team