Special Cumulative Login Bonus!

Thank you for playing Iruna Online.
We are offering a special cumulative login bonus!
Log in during the time period to get some special log in bonus prizes!

- A request to players participating in the event -
-The official site will displayed on the login bonus page if you have not accessed the item shop in a certain amount of time.
-Please restart the app to confirm your login bonus in this case.
-Since the login bonus page is a web-based system, the page may take some time to load depending on the OS version of your device.
-Depending on your connectivity (connection environment) and timing when closing the screen, there is a chance some logins may not be counted and items may not be received.
-Please do not close the screen until it has finished showing that you have received the item.
-We cannot investigate problems that occur due to a player's specific device.
-Therefore, we will not be able to revise the number of logins any player has received, nor compensate for items. We thank you for your understanding.

- Event Period -
From: May 1st
Until: May 31st

- Login Day & Present -
Day 1 : Swift Book x 1
Day 2 : Drop UP Book x 1
Day 3 : EXP UP Book x 1
Day 4 : Star Bd. Book (Strive) x 1
Day 5 : Orichalcum x 1
Day 6 : Swift Book x 1 , EXP UP Book x 1
Day 7 : Swift Book x 1 , Drop UP Book x 1
Day 8 : Idaten Book x 1
Day 9 : Gacha Ticket x 1
Day 10 : Tilia's Book x 1

Day 11 : Dispel Card x 5
Day 12 : ★Wind Ark x 3 , ★Wind Ark (Boss) x 3
Day 13 : Fortune-telling ★5 Ticket x 1
Day 14 : Orichalcum x 3
Day 15 : Gacha Ticket x 1
Day 16 : Guild Revita x 3 , Guild Remagic x 3
Day 17 : Venia's Book x 1
Day 18 : Dispel Card x 10
Day 19 : Kunon's Book x 1
Day 20 : Good Luck Charm x 1

Day 21 : M. Sauro's Book x 1
Day 22 : Stormia Costume x 1
Day 23 : Specia's Book x 1
Day 24 : Gacha Ticket x 1
Day 25 : Sofys' Book x 1
Day 26 : Fortune-telling ★5 Ticket x 1
Day 27 : Gacha Ticket x 1

- Precautions -
*Login count and login bonus prizes cannot be compensated unless we can determine an issue with our operations.
*In the instance that your day is not counted, you can receive your prize by opening the Login Bonus page from Menu (in the top left)> Community> Login Bonus.
*Login count will not be counted while on a private field. Please move to a different map and try logging in again.

Thank you all for your kind cooperation.

Iruna Team