Campaign for Wolf Box and Paradise Box!

Costumes in "Wolf Box" and "Paradise Box" 100% Guaranteed!!

"Open a box" discount price at your first-time purchase!!

- Sales period -
From: January 27th at 0:00 AM (PST/GMT-8)
Until: January 28th at 23:59 PM (PST/GMT-8)

*"Wolf Box" and "Paradise Box" will be removed from the Item Shop on January 28th at 23:59 PM (PST/GMT-8).

*If you have 1 or more Box Tickets, "One Time Discount" will not appear on "Open a box" button.
Please note that this campaign will be applied only when you don't have Box Tickets.
*The discount will be applied to "Open a box" only.
It will NOT be applied to "Open 10 boxes".
*Box Tickets will be preferentially consumed if you have 1 or more Box Tickets even if you have enough Coins to purchase "Open boxes".
*You may get the same items by opening the box.