Super Slot Set (Throwing) Treasure Box Campaign !

- The Treasure Box, available for a limited time only! -
Here comes the "Super Slot Set (Throwing)", a set of Throwing Master Hammer and Smith's Hammer!

- Special Item Added in Treasure Box 380! -
The following item will be added in "Treasure Box 380".

Rarity: 5 Stars
Super Slot Set (Throwing): This is a set of the items Throwing Master Hammer and Smith's Hammer.

Throwing Master Hammer : Places 2 slot in equipped Throwing.For 1-slot Throwing only.
Smith's Hammer : Places 1 slot in equipped weapon.For 0-slot weapons only.

*"Use" the item to move it to Consumables from the Coin section.
*Throwing Master Hammer : Available only on 1-slotted Throwings.
*Throwing Master Hammer : It will be not consumed even if you use it on the Throwings that don't have 1 slot.
*Smith's Hammer : You can use it only on 0-slotted Weapon.
*Smith's Hammer : The item will not be consumed even if it is used on the items other than 0-slotted Weapon.

- Campaign Period -
From: November 20th at 0:00 AM (PST/GMT-8)
Until: November 22nd at 23:59 PM (PST/GMT-8)

*You may win the same items by opening the boxes.

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