Special Offer Iruna Bag!

Limited offer One of the SLOT makers GUARANTEED!!

You can purchase "Iruna Bag" for only 1,000 Coins on your first purchase per account!

*The price will become 1,980 Coins from your second purchase.

This bag contains "Sacred Cinder (Single item)","Fairy Silk (Single item)",”Smith's Hammer (Single item)”,”Spirit Needle (Single item)” and other high-class items!

Also, "Slot Maker" is 100% guaranteed!

There are 6 types of items in Iruna Bag.
You will get "1 item" from each category below at random, so you can get "6 items" in total.

Category No.1: Slot (100% guaranteed!)
Category No.2: EXP Gain Items
Category No.3: Drop Rating Items
Category No.4: Status Boosting Items
Category No.5: Hair Color
Category No.6: Dispel Card

- Sale Period -
From: August 1st at 0:00 (PDT/GMT-7)
Until: August 3rd at 23:59 (PDT/GMT-7)