Egg Box on Sale!

"Open 10 boxes" discount price at your first-time purchase!!

*If you have 10 or more Box Tickets, "One Time Discount" will not appear on "Open 10 boxes" button.
Please note that this campaign will be applied only when you don't have Box Tickets.
*Box Tickets will be preferentially consumed if you have 10 or more Box Tickets even if you have enough Coins to purchase "Open boxes".
*You may get the same items by opening the box.

- Campaign period -
From: July 31st at 0:00 AM (PDT/GMT-7)
Until:August 2nd at 23:59 PM (PDT/GMT-7)

- How to Use -

1. You can receive the item by using it from MENU>Items>Coins in the application. Then, it will move to Collectibles section.
2. Tap MENU > Logout > To Island.
3. Log in your island with edit mode.
4. Use the egg from Island Menu > Isle Object > Pet to hatch it.

*The size of the pet hatched from the egg depends on feeding and the environment of the island.
*You cannot hatch the egg if you have the maximum number of pets. Please make use of Pet Hotel.