Updated Information (4.9.7E)

The App update has been successfully completed.

The latest version of the application is "4.9.7E".

Please download version "4.9.7" from "Google Play".

- Update Details -
- Summer Stall Event has started in Capital city Saterica.

From: After the maintenance on July 9th
Until: Before the maintenance on July 23th

- Destinations of Wind Ark has been added.
- Released "Guild Name Ticket" for rename item.
- Added a guild search function the Guild Scout.
- Adjusted the Black List.

- Adjustments to "Summoner" -
- Handling the issue with the area of monster use for "Summoner"
We have made adjustments so that when a monster has been defeated, the same type of monster will appear.

- Item Shop Information -

- "Guild Name Ticket"

You can move it to Consumables from Coin section by using it.
You can change your guild name, or the color of the guild name, under the following conditions.

- Guild Lv 30 or above
- This item can only be used by the Guild Master.
- You must have the "Guild Name Ticket" in your Collectibles.

You can make the change by tapping the pencil mark icon at the top of the Guild List screen.
Be sure to discuss changing the name with your guild members before hand to avoid any confusion or problems with the name change.

*When you change the guild name, a letter of notification will be dispatched to all members. Even members not logged in at the time of the change will be notified.
*The guild name color will be displayed as the changed color in the guild menu, Guild Scout, etc.

- Event Information -
- Introducing the Milk Way Event "Colon Milky Way"!

From: After the maintenance on July 2nd
Until: Before the maintenance on July 16th

You can challenge the quest by talking to NPC GM Neints in Rokoko City.
Hear out NPC Hicolon's wish and guide him to NPC Orin.

The Milky Way Event is in multi-ending format, so the ending will vary depending on what you select.
After clearing the first quest, you can reach all the endings by completing the following quests, "Re: Colon Milky Way" and "Re: Re: Colon Milky Way".

After clearing the quest "Re: Re: Colon Milky Way", you can draw lotto from NPC Hicolon at the Orion River.

- Campaign is being held!

From: After the July 10th at 3:00 AM (PDT/GMT-7)
Until: Before the July 10th at 6:00 AM (PDT/GMT-7)

- Two Big Bonus Campaigns

- During the campaign period, by logging in and you will get the Buff effects below.

1. Drop Rate+50% Boost
2. EXP+50% Boost

- Concerning Limited Function of the Main Menu -
During our update on June 26, 2019 (Weds) we adjusted the timing of the release of a portion of the main menu in the top right.

From the tutorial at the beginning of the game until the the mission "Monster Taskforce" is cleared, we have limited the available functions of the main menu on the top left.

By completing the mission "Monster Taskforce", all functions of the main menu can be used.

Until the mission is cleared, some of the functions of the main menu cannot be used.

- Installing App from "Google Play" -
Please try the following steps if update is required again after updating the app.

1. Reboot your Android device
2. Tap Settings > Apps > Google Play Store

*Please change the device settings at your own responsibility.
*Please ask the manufacturer about how to control the device.

- The following systems will be reset by deleting the app -
- Settings on Phrases
- The order of buttons in MENU

Please note that deleting the app will reset the settings above.
You will need to set again after re-installing the app.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Iruna Team