Grand Summer Sale for "Treasure Box"!

This is an announcement from the Iruna Team.
From Friday, August 25th 2017 we will be holding our "Grand Summer Sale" for three days.
Limited to 8 times! This half-off price sale to commemorate the end of summer-time is for three days.
-Special Item "Bladesmith's Hammer" will be added to "Treasure Box 380".
-Purchase "Open 10 boxes" 8 times for half-price on "Treasure Box 380".

Bladesmith's Hammer : Adds 1 slot to 1-slotted and equipped sword.
- Special winning rate for a limited time -

Rarity: 5 Stars
Bladesmith's Hammer (Single item)
Receive "Bladesmith's Hammer" in Consumables.
Adds 1 slot to the equipped 1-slotted sword.

- Campaign Period -
From: August 25th at 00:00 (PDT/GMT-7)
Until: August 27th at 23:59 (PDT/GMT-7)

*If you have 10 or more Box Tickets, "One Time Discount" will not appear on "Open 10 boxes" button.
Please note that this campaign will be applied only when you have 9 or less Box Tickets.
*Box Tickets will be preferentially consumed if you have 10 or more Box Tickets even if you have
enough Coins to purchase "Open 10 boxes".
*The one time discount will be applied to "Open 10 boxes" only.
It will NOT be applied to "Open a box".
*You may win the same items by opening the boxes.
Don't miss this chance!

Iruna Team