Revision of Terms of Use and Coin agreement

Thank you for playing Iruna Online.

Terms of Use and Coin agreement were revised on August 24th.

Coins will be automatically converted to Box Tickets after 180 days since the purchase date.

For more details, please check our "Terms of Use" and "Coin agreement" on our official website.

- Revisions -

After (Coin Expiration)

2.1.7. There is no expiration date for In-game Currencies, however, they will be changed automatically into in-game contents (such as items) which ASOBIMO will specify according to the balance of the In-game Currencies upon reaching the 180 days from the date purchased.

Before (Coin Expiration)

2.1.7. Coins will be valid for 180 days after the date charged, and will expire after the valid date. Members will not be able to have a Refund or Reuse the Coins that were expired.

Iruna Team